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Are you going to study abroad during the spring semester of 2023 and want a fun extra job during your time abroad? Apply to become one of KI’s bloggers during your exchange studies!
The call for applications to Short term exchange and Postdoctoral Fellowship at The Rockefeller University (USA) is now open. Deadline for applications November 18, 2022
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Are you going to study abroad this autumn? We are looking for new students who will go on an exchange semester during the autumn of 2022 and want to blog for KI about their exchange to inspire more students to do the same.
When Nobel prize winner Michael Kremer initially looked at the data of his now famous 1990s Kenya school study, he felt shocked and disappointed. The data showed that more textbooks did nothing to improve educational outcomes, contrary to what most researchers believed. But rather than succumbing to disillusionment, Kremer dug deeper into Kenya’s schooling system to uncover what measures truly did make an impact and found his answer: targeted help for weak students.
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