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A limited selection of recent publications in high impact journals to which researchers at KI have contributed.

New antibody-based tool could help efforts for malaria control and elimination
Distinct kinetics of antibodies to 111 Plasmodium falciparum proteins identifies markers of recent malaria exposure, Yman V et al, Nature Communications, January 2022

New mechanism underlying overexpression of cancer genes identified
Canonical WNT signaling-dependent gating of MYC requires a noncanonical CTCF function at a distal binding site, Göndör A et al, Nature Communications, January 2022

Cancer protein MYC uses topoisomerases to fuel cellular growth and cancer
MYC assembles and stimulates topoisomerases 1 and 2 in a “topoisome"
Subhendu K. Das et al, Molecular Cell, December 2021

Folding patterns of the genome give clues on identify of brain cells
Cell-type specialization is encoded by specific chromatin topologies
Warren Winick-Ng, Alexander Kukalev, Izabela Harabula, et al, Nature, November 2021

Cells need Topoisomerase 1 to remember what to do after they divide
Topoisomerase 1 activity during mitotic transcription favors 1 the transition from mitosis to G1
Anika Wiegard et al, Molecular Cell, November 2021

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