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A limited selection of recent publications in high impact journals where researchers from KI are main authors.

Genes predict tamoxifen treatment outcome in breast cancer
CYP2D6 Genotype Predicts Tamoxifen Discontinuation and Prognosis in Patients With Breast Cancer, He, W et al, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Dec. 2019.

Individuals with alcohol abuse have epigenetic changes in the brain
Genotype-dependent epigenetic regulation of DLGAP2 in alcohol use and dependence, Meng W et al, Molecular Psychiatry, Nov 2019

Contact lens measures eye pressure after transplantation of insulin-secreting cells
Intraocular Pressure Monitoring Following Islet Transplantation to the Anterior Chamber of the Eye, Joohee Kim et al, Nano Letters, Nov 2019.

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