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Virtual lab training can cater for different types of learning abilities among students and offer a variety of techniques that might not be possible to teach/learn during an on-campus course. Karolinska Institutet, through the Biomedicine programmes, is coordinating the virtual laboratory training module in a new Erasmus+ project focusing on virtual/online practical training.
Lars-Arne Haldosen at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition (BioNut) is awarded KI's pedagogical prize 2021 for his many years of commitment, above all to the development of the biomedicine programmes at KI. He has also been study director for the doctoral education at BioNut.

Lars-Arne will receive the award of SEK 175,000 in connection with Karolinska Institutet's installation ceremony, which will be held in Aula Medica on October 14th.
What does the defense against bacterial infections have in common with hearing or fertilization? Key players in these and many other crucial biological processes belong to a large family of extracellular proteins using a common polymerization engine known as “zona pellucida (ZP) module”. Detailed information on how ZP module proteins look like in their functional polymeric state has so far remained elusive. Now researchers at KI have finally shed light on this long-standing question.
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