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Alexander Klaréus and Dana Samiean are Medicinska Föreningen (medical association) and Odontologiska Föreningens (dental association) “new" presidents for the student unions. Both already served as union presidents during 2021. We asked them about the plans for the new year, 2022.
The Medical Association has received a donation of SEK 15 million from The Hans and Barbara Bergstrom Foundation to refurbish the old student union building. The project has been ongoing for years with the aim of creating an inspiring environment for KI's students, doctoral students, researchers and alumni.
Medicinska Föreningen and Odontologiska Föreningen are Karolinska Institutet's two student unions that work with educational issues and for an active student life for KI students. Every year, the student unions appoint new presidents. For 2021, we wish Alexander Klaréus welcome as new president for Medicinska Föreningen and Dana Samiean as new president for Odontologiska Föreningen. Get to know them and what they want to work for during the upcoming year.
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