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The Thoracic Surgery research group at the Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery at Karolinska Institutet receives a 15 million SEK donation from the Schörling Foundation. The purpose of the donation is to enforce the development of cardiothoracic surgical technology and methodology and the related research by the group.
The Medical Association has received a donation of SEK 15 million from The Hans and Barbara Bergstrom Foundation to refurbish the old student union building. The project has been ongoing for years with the aim of creating an inspiring environment for KI's students, doctoral students, researchers and alumni.
Helena Salminen, docent at the Division of Family Medicine and Primary Care, has received a private donation of 2.75 million SEK for a research project. The donation was finalized just before Christmas, 2020.
Industrialist Fredrik Lundberg donates SEK 25 million to Karolinska Institutet. The donation goes to research on diseases of the aorta.
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