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Professor Fredrik Ullén has been awarded the KI Culture Prize 2022. The prize was awarded during KI's Culture Day on 19 October.
The interplay between science and culture in various forms is very central to a university. Cultural, as well as interprofessional and interdisciplinary activities bring students and staff together, and contribute to "we-feeling" and broader perspectives. Medical science as well as Medicine attributes its roots to both the humanities and the natural sciences.
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Professor emeritius Jan Lindsten was awarded KI’s Culture Award during the KI Culture Day on December 2. He was awarded for his outstanding contributions to bridge science with culture at KI.
KI Culture Day 2020 is a cultural Christmas cracker packed with music, art, comedy and science. The two-hour event is being organised with the Stockholm House of Culture and City Theatre (Kulturhuset) and will be live streamed to the public on 2 December at 3.00 p.m.
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