Published: 21-05-2019 16:14 | Updated: 11-02-2022 13:53

Carmen Fourier and Matthijs Dorst - Teachers of the year 2018!

Carmen Fourier and Matthijs Dorst with diplomas

Björn Meister presented 2018's "Teachers of the Year" during the departmental coffee information meeting held on 21 May.

The educational committee traditionally nominates a senior and a junior teacher, but this year two junior teachers, were nominated for their excellent contribution to education at the department: Carmen Fourier and Matthijs Dorst.

Carmen Fourier

"For her enthusiasm and dedication in teaching medical, dental and biomedical students in general histology and neurohistology. Her well-prepared and competent teaching has during many years been very appreciated among students and teacher colleagues".

Carmen has been teaching general histology and neurohistology.

Matthijs Dorst

"For engaged and excellent teaching during numerous laboratory courses in neuroscience, including the "Action potential" and "patch clamp", and during the examination of medical and biomedical students in neuroscience and motor control. His dedication, explaining and supportive personality has been very appreciated by both students and other teachers and has facilitated the understanding of different technical details during the laboratory courses as well as the learning process in the field of neuroscience."

Matthijs has been teaching neuroscience, specifically motor control, electrophysiology and computational neuroscience.



Charlotte Brandt Communications Officer