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KI produces new podcast on educational research

PAPERs podcast.
Illustration: KI.

KI is launching a new podcast: The PAPERs podcast. Every week you will drop into the conversation between four hosts who discuss articles addressing health professions education. While the content is rigorous, the hosts offer accessible insights with lighthearted style, making this podcast regular listening for many scholars’.

The production is led by Teresa Sörö, Area Manager at Continuous learning and professional development at KI’s Unit for Teaching and learning. The hosts for the podcast are Jonathan Sherbino, Lara Varpio, Jason Frank and Linda Snell.

- Everyone knows that it’s hard to stay up to date on everything. As a health profession's educator within health profession education you need to keep up to speed on your clinical subject and on best practices for your pedagogical responsibilities. With this podcast we give our educators a curated sample of research, presented and discussed in a way that makes educational research available and, dare I say, also a bit of fun, says Teresa Sörö.

Tell us more about this new podcast!

Hosts PAPERs podcast
Jonathan Sherbino, host for the PAPERs podcast. Photo: N/A.

- The podcast is an informal debate/conversation/argument between clinicians, educators and researchers - We also happen to be friends and we don’t take ourselves too seriously, says podcast host Jonathan Sherbino.

- How do you keep up-to-date with the medical education literature? How do you find the important articles, let alone have time to read and critique them? In clinical medicine, the number-needed-to-read (NNR) is 14. You would need to read 14 articles from one of the top 20 clinical journals to find one methodological sound, clinically important manuscript. With the PAPERS podcast we will bring you the main points of a medical education article in under half a hour, he continues. We find articles that are important, innovative, or will impact your educational practice.

Who do you see as your listener?

Hosts PAPERs podcast
Lara Varpio, host for the PAPERs podcast. Photo: N/A.

- We hope that the podcast will engage any educator, researcher or leader within health professions education, explains host Lara Varpio.

Why do you volunteer your time to host this podcast?

- I have three reasons for being part of this podcast, clarifies Lara Varpio. First, I do it for the community. Personally, I appreciate being able to double-task. If I can keep up with the literature while also walking my dog or commuting to work, that’s an advantage. If we can offer our community a way to keep up with the literature while doing the dishes, that’s a win. Second, I do this podcast for my personal edification. I’ve struggled over the years to keep up with the literature. Hosting this podcast requires me to keep up to date. Finally, and most importantly, I do the podcast to be with Jason, Jon, and Linda. I think listeners can tell that we share deep, real relationships with each other. I do this podcast as an excuse to spend time with them - and yeah, those relationships are totally worth midnight recording sessions, says Lara Varpio.

A community to discuss health profession education 

- This collaboration builds on many years of ongoing collaboration between us here at KI and the podcast hosts, explainds Teresa Sörö. But those relationships were on an individual level. Now we get to build on that highlights Teresa.

- Now the time and situation is right to take some next steps and create something really special together. We want to pull our resources together. At KI our educators are an important part of our space and community. Together with the hosts, we're hoping to offer insights into health profession education to a boad international audience, with content that is relevant to clinical educators as well as researchers.

- For us in the host team, working with KI gives us that global perspective that we strive for, and also a more multiprofessional perspective than we have ever had before, Jason Frank continues.

In time the hosts hope that the podcast could be a resource that the community finds really helpful.

- I hope you come to the podcast website and, with one quick search, find an episode that speaks to your needs. Need to learn about how to conduct qualitative research interviews? That content is also here. I hope that we offer really good quality content in a way that’s engaging, fun and accessible, says Jonathan Sherbino.

We hope you enjoy!

Podcast and abstracts

Please visit the podcast website The PAPERs podcast to find episodes and abstracts!

You can listen to a podcast intro below. The next episode will be published February 28th and then once a week. Find the PAPERs podcast on Spotify and on other podcasts platforms.

First intro PAPERs podcast

The hosts

Dr. Jonathan Sherbino

Dr. Jonathan Sherbino is an emergency physician and trauma team leader in an inner city tertiary hospital. He is also a professor in the Department of Medicine at McMaster University. His education scholarship focuses on clinical reasoning, competency-based medical education and assessment. More about Jonathan Sherbino.

Dr. Lara Varpio

Dr. Lara Varpio completed her PhD in 2007 at the University of Waterloo, Canada in collaboration with the Wilson Centre for Research in Education at the University of Toronto, Canada. Her award winning PhD research investigated the impact of electronic health records on medical trainee socialization. More about Lara Varpio.

Dr. Jason R. Frank

Dr. Jason R. Frank is a clinician-educator with a focus on all aspects of health professions training systems. He is a professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine as well as an attending physician at the Ottawa Hospital. Jason Frank has published and presented widely in medical education, where his research interests include: competency-based education, faculty development, program evaluation, and curriculum development. More about Jason Frank.

Dr. Linda Snell

Dr. Linda Snell is Professor of Medicine & Health Sciences Education at McGill University in Montreal Canada, and Senior Clinician Educator at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Linda Snell is active in teaching, education leadership and education research at all levels of medical training and has served in numerous educational and clinical leadership roles at McGill, the Royal College, nationally and internationally. More about Linda Snell.

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