Published: 28-09-2023 17:33 | Updated: 28-09-2023 17:39

Clinical training clinic at Optometry program wins the KLOK award 2023

Photo of prize winner for the KLOK prize 2023.
Maria Nilsson, Mirza Karamovic, Linda Kwenga Koppari, Johan Hedström and Marika Wahlberg Ramsay. Photo: Thomas Nixon.

This year's KLOK award goes to the Optometry program, which together with the St. Erik Eye Hospital has developed a clinical training clinic where students from several educational programs can broaden and deepen their knowledge in an interprofessional learning environment.

The glass sculpture KLOK prize.
Photo: Louise Grännsjö.

The clinical training clinic is a collaboration between KI and St. Erik Eye Hospital where different professions together supervise students from a number of educational programs in an interprofessional learning environment. The students come from the Optometry program at KI, licensed opticians on the master's programme and nurses in specialist training.

The supervisor team consists of both staff from St. Erik Eye Hospital (doctors, eye specialists and licensed opticians with master's degrees) and teachers from the Optometry program.

The award contains of a glass sculpture from Riksglasskolan and 50 000 SEK.

The group that recieved the award at Educators' Day 27 September 2023 was:

See the Swedish news article for an interview.


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