Published: 03-05-2024 15:34 | Updated: 12-06-2024 13:02

Autumn training in Performance Appraisal 2 for managers at KI

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This training is provided by the HR Office at the Professional Services and is aimed for those who are salary-setting managers in both research, education and administration.

Autumn training sessions

The course will be held on four occasions in the fall of 2024, two in Swedish and two in English, of which one session in Swedish is given as physical training. You choose which training session you want to attend when you register.



The purpose of the course is to increase knowledge about the salary setting process and how to conduct Performance Appraisal 2 (MS2) at KI.


The leadership course is a half day course that obtains a theoretical part centered around KI´s salary setting process and then a practical part where the precipitants trains with actors in small groups. 

Target group

This course is both for managers with employees who gets a new salary in the dialogue between the manager and the employee, and for managers with employees who gets a new salary in negotiations with the union. 

Course structure

Before the course, you will receive reading material. It is important that you go through this material before the course.

The course begins with an introductory and theoretical part centered around KI´s salary setting guidelines. This is followed by training with actors in small groups where the actors play the parts of employees in different salary discussion situations (cases). 

We expect participants to take part in both the theoretical and practical parts

The theoretical part

During the theoretical part of the course, we will talk about the collective agreement for the government area that controls salary setting at KI, KI´s salary criteria, how to conduct MS2, with success factors and what to avoid.

The practical part

During the practical part, you are divided in groups of three where one participant conducts the dialogue. The other two observes and learn by watching and experiencing the dynamics of the discussion, what works and what does not work. Watching a discussion as a performance clarifies and generates insights that would otherwise be lost. The observers are asked to formulate their experiences and put into words the chain of events that unfold during each discussion. The ‘manager’ in the exercise is asked to reflect on and put his/her experience into words. The actors give their feedback on the discussion: how they experienced it, what opened it up, what brought it to a standstill, etc.

Registration rules 

Register as soon as possible, registration closes 10 days before the course. The maximum number of participants per session is 27. If fewer than 6 participants have registered for a course, the course will be canceled. 

The registration is binding as we book and pay for the actors and prepare the course with the information on registrations we have received. However, if for any reason you are unable to attend, please notify one of the course leaders as soon as possible. 

Course leaders

The course is executed and arranged by the Human Resources Office at KI in cooperation with Solvere. Solvere is a training company that uses interactive methods oriented towards communication and interaction between people. 

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