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The course aims to give doctoral students an opportunity to reflect on the importance of academic research and how this can lead to societal change. Starting from, and building on, the doctoral students existing knowledge, experience and research, the course will lay the foundation for an understanding of factors influencing the societal impact of academic research, improved interdisciplinary collaborations and enhanced communication skills among researchers and with society at large.
Audience: Medarbetare
Christine Fransman was looking for something new in her career and wanted to learn more about health care in disasters when she found the course Public Health Response in Disasters at Karolinska Institutet. She has a background in health science and works as a research manager in a hospital in her native Netherlands.
The students in the 2021/2022 year of the Erasmus Mundus Master programme Public Health in Disasters are about to complete their time in Sweden and move on. We spoke to Rickkye Gan and Collins Santhanasamy about what made them interested in the programme, what they have learnt and what they will take with them from their time in Sweden.
Stanford Medicine X has launched a new self-paced online course through Stanford online with faculty from Stanford University.
The courses Leadership and Organization Development 1 (30 credits), course code: 2QA079 and Leadership and Organization Development 2 (30 credits), course code: 2QA203 were given for the last time during 2016/17 and 2017/18.
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