Published: 26-04-2024 13:57 | Updated: 02-05-2024 15:53

Tissue and Motion Conference 2024

The Tissue and Motion Conference 2024

For the 12th Tissue and Motion Conference, Karolinska Institutet researchers returned to Djurönäset Hotel on 16th-17th April 2024 to discuss research, network, and enjoy Stockholm’s archipelago.

With more than 70 participants, this retreat offered a relaxed, positive, and informative atmosphere with excellent presentations from young researchers in the audience on (best poster topic) and recovery from spinal cord injuries in newts, amongst others. With the theme of “Tissue healing and regeneration”, discussions were exhilarating, and several new collaborations were established across Karolinska Institutet's Departments. 

With an integrated approach of ‘tissue’ and ‘motion’, clinical and pre-clinical research within fields such as tissue healing, regeneration in nerves, and EV or circular RNA-based therapies were presented in a natural flow in what was an immensely well-organised event. 

After a whole day of presentations, the attendees were in for a fun icebreaker to initiate networking, as Wim – the ‘motion head’ in the Steering Committee – organised a ‘Learn a movement’ session. Within 20 minutes, smaller subgroups were tasked to learn a unique movement, such as balancing a broomstick in the palm of their non-dominant hand, following a predetermined physiotherapy method. Who would improve more – focusing on internal factors such as hand and elbow movements or the people looking strictly at the stick? One thing is clear: we need more queues than just haptic (hands-on) assistance to enter a yoga pose, and being solely focused on proprioception often results in being hit in the head with your (un)balanced pole. 

Dinner was served in the main restaurant in the evening before giving everybody the chance to enjoy the hotel’s facilities, which boasts a cosy outside sauna overlooking the archipelago. 

The conference concluded with the awards ceremony for the best oral/poster presentation. Congratulations go to Dr Alberto Joven Araus for the best oral presentation and to Chrisanne Dsouza for the best poster presentation. Overall, the organisation of the event, hotel, and quality of presentations were exceptionally impressive. 

Students and early career scientists from all backgrounds are encouraged to participate in this retreat in the future, whether they have research experience in regenerative medicine or not.