Published: 21-03-2017 17:28 | Updated: 21-04-2022 09:22

Retraction of article on tissue-engineered oesophagus in rats

[This article has been revised] On 21 March 2017 the paper “Experimental orthotopic transplantation of a tissue-engineered oesophagus in rats”, published in Nature Communications, was retracted by the authors due to technical flaws in the article that was discovered in an investigation.

Nature Communications previously issued an Editorial expression of concern related to this article, following the publication of a report commissioned by Karolinska Institutet and prepared by the Expert group for misconduct in research at the Central Ethical Review Board. According to the group’s statement on 6 September 2016, Paolo Macchiarini, as the article’s lead author, is guilty of scientific misconduct for having been misleading in both the presentation and interpretation of their results. Some of the raw data on which the published results were based were also withheld, according to the Expert Group.