Published: 15-04-2015 07:50 | Updated: 08-10-2015 16:14

Professor acquitted of scientific misconduct

Karolinska Institutet’s vice-chancellor has announced his decision on one of the two allegations of scientific misconduct against professor Paolo Macchiarini. The decision, for which the vice-chancellor requested a pronouncement from KI’s Ethics Council, was one of acquittal.

It was in June 2014 that Professor Pierre Delaere filed a report on suspected scientific misconduct against Paolo Macchiarini and his work in the field of regenerative medicine.

The Higher Education Ordinance stipulates that a university must investigate suspected scientific misconduct should it receive a report of such. According to Karolinska Institutet’s regulations, it is the duty of the vice-chancellor to investigate a report of this kind and decide on it either by passing it on without further action, or, if misconduct is confirmed, by taking appropriate action.

In light of the information given in Professor Pierre Delaere’s letter and the statement of opinion issued by the Ethics Council, Karolinska Institutet does not find Professor Paolo Macchiarini guilty of scientific misconduct.

Another case of scientific misconduct involving Professor Macchiarini is currently under investigation. Behind these allegations is Karl-Henrik Grinnemo and three other doctors, who have submitted a substantial amount of material. In this case, the vice-chancellor has asked an external expert to issue a statement of opinion. A decision on the matter is expected before the summer.

In yet another case, the Ethics Council has been asked by the vice-chancellor to issue a statement on a report against Karl-Henrik Grinnemo concerning scientific misconduct in conncection with a grant application. The report against him was filed by a colleague of Paolo Macchiarini’s. The Ethics Council’s pronouncement on the matter is expected in the coming few weeks.

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