Published: 09-03-2020 07:37 | Updated: 09-03-2020 13:58

Launch of the learning arena "Utveckla framtidens utveckling" (Develop future development)

The 24-25th of March 2020 is the starting point of the new learning arena “Develop future development” aiming to increase organizational competence and capacity for multilevel development in complex organizational systems.

The first workshop will be held at LIME and then activities will alternate between the participating regions of Stockholm, Uppsala and Västerbotten.

Twenty-four participants with formal roles and missions to develop health and social services from both regions and municipalities will participate in the two-year pilot test of the learning arena, which is financed by Vinnova.

The background is an acknowledgement of the challenges facing the welfare sector and the increasing complexity when working with new solutions to so-called wicked problems. This creates new demands on organizational functions with the mission to support change.

Traditionally, development facilitation has focused on increase, improve and create. Now the ability to support transformation, optimization and to create a common and powerful engagement on all organizational levels need to be in focus.

The arena combines several knowledge areas with a systems view and generic models, all within several learning cycles. It has an interactive approach with workshops, learning networks and in-house activities that are based on action learning.

The longitudinal approach combines health and social care challenges and issues, research, learning, action, and capacity building, and creates synergies.

The new arena aspires to become a free haven and a green-house for development that merges real world questions, new insights, knowledge, competence, ideas, networks, and tools and increases the power for innovative development in health and social services.


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Monica Nyström

Associate Professor