Published: 28-06-2023 13:47 | Updated: 05-07-2023 14:38

Samer Yammine best male entrepreneurship educator of the year

Samer hold his price
Samer Yammine best male entrepreneurship educator of the year

Congratulations to Samer Yammine at the Department of learning, informatics, management and ethics (LIME), who received the award "Male entrepreneurship educator of the year", an award included in The Triple E Awards!

In fierce competition with over 1000 persons applying, Samer Yammine, who is a part of the teaching staff and 'Entrepreneur in residence' at UBE, and who has spent years contributing to the development of innovation education, was finally recognised 'Male entrepreneurship educator of the year', an award at the 'Individual level' included in the regional category of the Triple E Awards.

The Triple E Awards are global recognition of efforts towards the quest of entrepreneurship and engagement in higher education, with the aim to change the role of universities. It is the first award to focus the 'third mission' with all its dimension.

UBE - Unit for BioEntrepreneurship

The Unit for Bioentrepreneurship conducts research on and education in innovation and entrepreneurship. As an academic unit at KI, UBE can be considered as the first proactive link in KI's innovation system.

Research on innovation and entrepreneurship at UBE aims to generate knowledge and to develop the innovation system. Examples of research projects include the KI Intellectual Property database, knowledge transfer projects, studies on the hospital's role in innovation and open innovation between industry and academia.

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