Published: 23-10-2023 10:58 | Updated: 23-10-2023 10:58

KI researcher Max Gordon awarded for his work in AI

Illustration: Getty Images.

Max Gordon, Associate Professor at the Department of Clinical Sciences, Karolinska Institutet, and Chief Physician at Danderyd Hospital, is awarded for his research on artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. The Swedish AI of the Year award (Årets AI svensk) is presented to a person who has contributed to the development and visibility of Swedish AI.

"Max Gordon is a pioneer whose efforts pave the way for new innovations and the use of AI to improve people's lives and have the potential to revolutionize healthcare in Sweden as well as globally. With his knowledge, passion and curiosity, he is a true role model and his work contributes to real change," says Åsa Zetterberg, chairman of the jury and director of the industry and employer organization TechSverige, which awards the prize.

Max Gordon is, among other things, the initiator of the innovation laboratory CAIR-lab at Danderyd Hospital, which conducts clinical AI research. The operations started nine years ago. 

Max Gordon. Photo: Stefan Zimmerman.

"I wanted to change my research area and focus on AI in orthopaedics. The idea for the lab was born when my former doctoral student came home from Harvard and suggested that we should do as they often did and start a lab with our combined experience of AI development in healthcare. Our focus has always been to reach out to the business and influence how we work."

The lab collaborates with experts from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and takes further ideas from clinical researchers to solve medical problems with the help of AI. 

Vinnova-funded pilot project

Among other things, CAIR-lab is behind an AI program to classify fractures and suggest treatment. The program, which has been evaluated at the hospital's orthopaedic clinic, aims to offer faster care. 

"It was a Vinnova-funded pilot project that taught us a lot. These experiences are now being used to develop our research in the direction requested by our clinical colleagues," he says and continues: 

"I am convinced that AI will become an essential part of how we work in healthcare, from diagnostic improvements and new drugs to making everyday life easier by removing repetitive tasks.

What does the award mean to you?

"It's a fantastic opportunity to run what I'm passionate about, clinical AI applications that make a real difference for patients and healthcare staff," says Max Gordon.

Motivation of the jury 

"Max Gordon is an enthusiast who, with his dedicated work and research, shows that the potential of AI is enormous. Through research and diligent work, he has introduced AI solutions in healthcare to improve the assessment and treatment of patients with successful outcomes. These include developing AI that has now become as adept as an orthopedic surgeon at identifying fractures. His work enables patients to receive both faster and better care. 

Max Gordon is an inspiration and an excellent example of a person who, based on his professional role, has deepened his knowledge of AI to find the best solutions that create value. He is a pioneer and invaluable player in Swedish healthcare and AI research that makes a real difference and puts Sweden on the international AI map."