Published: 17-10-2019 14:26 | Updated: 28-10-2019 13:14

KLOK Award to Danderyd’s Academic Care Centre

Winners of KLOK-prize at Teachers' day 2019
Danderyd's Academic Care Center, winner of the KLOK award. Photo: Louise Grännsjö

This year’s KLOK Award goes to Danderyd’s Academic Care Centre for their exemplary well-organised student work.

The award, which was handed over on Teacher’s Day on 2 October, is awarded for their work in developing the pedagogical environment for the students at the centre by highlighting supervisors’ skills and by encouraging and training the students in learning across professional boundaries.

- Our operations manager has given us the best prerequisites to do our work, but all employees and patients are of essence when it comes to creating such an environment, says Christina Olsson, coordinator at Danderyd's Academic Care Centre.

Danderyd Academic Care Centre welcomes students from many different programmes and provides the prerequisites to work across professional boundaries during their training. Students, in collaboration with the patient and the employee, contribute to the development of the entire organization.

About the KLOK Award

KLOK-prize 2019
The KLOK award. Photo: Louise Grännsjö.

KLOK stands for Clinical Learning through Organisational and Competence Development (“Kliniskt lärande genom organisations- och kompetensutveckling”) and the sum awarded is 50 000 SEK.

About Teachers’ Day

Teachers’ Day is a day for inspiration and knowledge exchange for anyone interested in educational issues at KI. The programme was held in Swedish.