Published: 19-11-2019 12:44 | Updated: 20-01-2020 17:30

KI researchers in the 2019 highly cited list

Twelve researchers at Karolinska Institutet qualify for the annual list of highly cited researchers compiled by Web of Science.

The analysis of the 2019 list is based on the 1 percent most cited articles world-wide from the years 2008-2018, compared with articles from the same subject area and year.

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Highly cited researchers at KI sorted by last name:

  • Lars Alfredsson
  • Christer Betsholtz
  • Magnus Bäck
  • Jonas Frisen
  • Christina M. Hultman
  • David Mataix-Cols
  • Paul Lichtenstein
  • Sten Linnarsson
  • Robert Oostenveld
  • Nicola Orsini
  • Rickard Sandberg
  • Patrick F. Sullivan

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