Published: 01-03-2019 10:50 | Updated: 13-05-2019 16:32

Ethics reward to Marie Chenik

Marie Chenik, who has been working with ethics-related questions in Swedish health care for several years, has received the Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics' Reward for 2018.

- It is the third time I receive a reward, and I always react in the same way: "They must be mistaken, there are so many others apart from me". Then I was very happy and felt great gratitude over the fact that there are others who think I have done something well. I feel honoured, Marie Chenik says.

Apart from the reward itself, there will be an ethics seminar at KI in October, where Marie Chenik invites speakers from all over Sweden and also the Executive Director of the Center for Bioethics at Harvard University. The focus of the seminar will be "Ethics in practice", an area of ethics rarely discussed in Sweden.
- I have been able to choose freely who will be holding lectures at the seminar, and that is fun.

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