Published: 18-11-2020 12:01 | Updated: 18-11-2020 17:20

They are on the 2020 highly cited list

Genrebild av ringlande måttband Photo: iStockphoto

Thirteen researchers connected to Karolinska Institutet are on the 2020 list of highly cited researchers presented by Clarivate, the company behind Web of Science.

The analysis of the list is based on the 1 percent most cited articles world-wide from the years 2009 – 2019, compared with articles from the same research area and period. The list identifies researchers who most probably have had significant influence in their respective field of research during the last decade.

Researchers from the US are still dominating the highly cited list, with Harvard University once again at the absolute top. However, China is about to change the global landscape of science, according to the press release from Clarivate.

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Highly cited researchers at Karolinska Institutet sorted by last name:

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Top 10 universities on the higly cited list

Harvard University, USA (188)

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China  (124 )

Stanford University, USA  (106) 

National Institutes of Health, USA  (103)

Max Planck Society, Germany (70)

University of California Berkeley, USA (62)

Broad Institute, USA (61)

University of California San Diego, USA (56)

Tsinghua University, China (55) 

Washington University of St Louis, USA (54)

Source: Clarivate