Published: 29-03-2023 10:40 | Updated: 06-04-2023 18:28

Newsletter from FM - March 2023

Spring flowers Photo: Susanne Rådström

The FM newsletter is sent to all employees working in Biomedicum about twice a semester and includes news from the Facility Management. 

The days are finally getting longer and spring almost made it... and then it turned all white again.

At FM we are gearing up for a number of new projects this spring. In view of the upcoming cycling season we have cleaned the changing rooms and lockers on floor 2. Next in line is the bicycle garage. Dates will be announced in due time.

We would like welcome our new employees and we are especially looking forward to opening the Supply Center, now as a physical store.

Happy reading!

Eva Palmer
Head of Facility Management in Biomedicum

New co-workers

Meet Helena, our new co-worker, and take a peek at the FM Supply Center

Helena puts items on shelf in the FM Supply Center in Biomedicum.

Helena Hatziantoniou recently joined KI and FM and is responsible for the Supply Center in Biomedicum.

Read the interview where she shares some of the goals she will be working towards.

Information from FM

group photo of team laboratory service

Team Laboratory Service – a new team within FM

In order to make our service teams even more effective, we have created a new team, Team Laboratory Service. Johanna Steen is head of the new team, which is divided into two groups: Laboratory safety and Sterile facility.

Read the interview with Johanna Steen.

Eggs on a row
Photo: Pixabay

FM opening hours during Easter

  • Thursday 6 April (Maundy Thursday) – 08:00-14:00
    • The goods reception will close at noon for incoming deliveries
    • Materials to be autoclaved will be picked up no later than 09:00

Please note that we are short of 2L bottles. Please clear out and hand in.

  • Friday 7 April (Good Friday) – closed
  • Monday 10 April (Easter Monday) – closed

Happy Easter!

Colourful lockers at a school
Photo: Unsplash

Rules for the changing rooms and lockers on floor 2 and the bicycle garage

The annual cleaning of the changing rooms on floor 2 has recently taken place. Please remember that:

  • the lockers are for temporary storage only (maximum 12 hours)
  • the lockers are not personal nor bookable
  • the lockers must be emptied after use

The annual cleaning of the bicycle garage is coming up and dates will be announced shortly. In the meantime please remember that:

  • you should only park your bicycle in the bicycle rack, not against the wall within the marked areas
  • only temporary storage of bicycle is allowed
Photo of a Calendar. Important dates for the course.

Don't miss the upcoming KI Expo suppliers' exhibition

Welcome to the KI Expo supplier exhibition in Biomedicum on Tuesday 25 April 2023.

The exhibitors will showcase their products and services in the mingle area on floor 3 next to the reception.

Courses for Biomedicum staff

Photo: Unsplash: N/A

We offer introduction to facilities in Biomedicum and several courses for Biomedicum staff.

Check out our upcoming courses.


Hands holding a mobile phone
Photo: Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

Biomedicum visitor system has been removed

The Biomedicum visitor system was removed on 1 March 2023. Guests and visitors will need to contact their hosts via phone or with help from the reception.

Please make sure to update your personal profile page with a phone number.

Image above stair railing shows parts of the ceiling with lights and parts of meeting rooms, laboratories.
Photo: Linda Nilsson

AV support in Biomedicum

Report any faulty equipment in meeting rooms booked via Outlook to FM Helpdesk. FM will handle error reports but cannot provide urgent support in connection with a meeting for instance.

All rooms in Biomedicum are equipped for hybrid meetings (except for C0335, B0313, B0317 on floor 3).

AV support in Solna

Report faulty equipment or other technical problems in the the larger meeting rooms on floor 3 (Eva & Georg Klein, Nils Ringertz, Ragnar Granit and Peter Reichard) directly to the Property and Facilities Office, AV-support Solna.

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Eva Palmer Head of Unit