Published: 11-07-2024 16:06 | Updated: 11-07-2024 16:06

Sign up on our new e-mail list: Forum Biomedicum

A new e-mail list is now available for everyone working in Biomedicum: Forum Biomedicum. Here you can share and receive information about equipment, cultural events at KI, get advices etc.

If you would like to ask for, share or receive information about for example reagents/equipment to lend, houses to rent, advice in your project etc, join the Biomedicum forum e- mail list:

You can also share and will receive information about cultural and other social events at KI.  

The e-mail list is open for everyone who has a workplace in Biomedicum. 

If you would like to join (or to be removed from) the email-list, please contact:


Johanna Steen Team Manager;Head of Unit