Published: 28-03-2023 17:17 | Updated: 28-03-2023 17:18

Laboratory Service – a new team within FM

group photo of team laboratory service
Team Laboratory service, Facility Management in Biomedicum. From left to right: Hina Mohsin, Elizabeth Valenzuela, Johanna Steen, Milina Jovanovic, Jennie Eldh Bastman, Katrin Pütsep. Missing in picture: Monica Riveros. Photo: Sofia Skyttner

In order to make the FM service even more efficient we have created a new team, Team Laboratory Service. Johanna Steen is head of the new team which is divided in two groups: Laboratory safety and Dishwashing and sterilization facility.

Johanna, tell us a little more about the new team!

The service provided by our team is highly laboratory-oriented and includes e.g., sterilisation of laboratory goods, laboratory safety, fire safety, and maintenance of some of the common facilities in Biomedicum. The overall service that these two groups already provide will not change due to this reorganisation.

What is your role and who is part of the new team?

My role is to lead the members of the team as we further develop our service.

The Laboratory safety group consists of Jennie Eldh Bastman and Katrin Pütsep. The main focus is fire and laboratory safety. We offer local courses in handling of liquid nitrogen and fire safety in Biomedicum, for instance. We provide support for chemical safety, isotope work, hazardous waste, environment and sustainability, and export control.

We also maintain some of the common facilities such as the dark rooms, the isotope laboratories, and the low temperature freezer facilities.

The Dishwashing and sterilisation facility consists of Milina Jovanovic, Hina Mohsin, Monica Riveros and Elizabeth Valenzuela. Our group provides all Biomedicum with sterile plastic and glassware, MilliQ water, and clean lab coats.

You will find all this in the clean glass room located at floors four to nine. We collect used labware from the quarters every morning and sterilise media and buffers daily. 

When can we contact your team and how?

You are welcome to contact us with any question regarding laboratory service in Biomedicum.

Send a ticket to FM Helpdesk.

If you would like to pay us a visit, come by our office and facility on floor 2:

  • FM office D0211
  • Dishwashing and sterilisation facility at C0233 

Johanna Steen



Johanna Steen Teammanager