Published: 30-03-2022 15:21 | Updated: 26-04-2022 10:36

Christine felt empowered after taking the course Public Health Response in Disasters

Christine Fransman was looking for something new in her career and wanted to learn more about health care in disasters when she found the course Public Health Response in Disasters at Karolinska Institutet. She has a background in health science and works as a research manager in a hospital in her native Netherlands.

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"I have always been interested in global health issues and wanted to do more to contribute to global wellbeing. I am now at a time in my life and my career where I feel ready to explore new avenues and continue in new directions, so I began looking for interesting courses for the autumn semester 2021 that would expand my knowledge on health care in disasters and humanitarian aid work in particular. I found the course Public Health Response in Disasters at KI in Stockholm and it perfectly matched what I was looking for", says Christine Fransman.

Christine feels that taking the course and learning more about health care in disasters and in settings with limited resources only served to strengthen her interest and desire to work with NGOs, with health care in low-income countries and such like.

"I really enjoyed the course. It felt great to be a student again and to be learning with other students. I liked the international environment at Karolinska Institutet and thought the course was incredibly well thought through and structured. It opened my eyes to misconceptions I had about disasters, about poverty and about health care in disaster-stricken areas".

Thanks to what she learnt in the course, Christine now feels she has the competence and skills to plan, organise and implement health care initiatives in disaster areas. The course gave her the resolve she needed to pursue her plans to move her career into working in global health and with health care in disasters.

"It empowered me! I now feel much more prepared to go and work for NGOs or in disaster relief. I would recommend the course to anyone who, like me, want to learn more about health care in disasters because you want to work in that field, but also to people who already work in that field but want to deepen their knowledge and increase their skill set", she concludes.

Deadline for applications to the course Public Health Response in Disasters is 19 April 2022!


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