Published: 21-06-2023 10:08 | Updated: 14-12-2023 08:39

KI Alumni increases activity in the USA

KI Alumni network USA
KI Alumni network USA Foto: Peter Bergman

In June 2023 representatives from Karolinska Institutet visited Washington DC and New York City in the US. Connected to several collaborations important to KI and with strategic plans to increase alumni activity in the US, the visit included a SIREUS event hosted at the House of Sweden in DC, as well as two planned alumni events in DC and New York, along with valuable alumni visits to Rockefeller University and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

KI Alumni lunch DC
KI Alumni lunch DC Foto: N/A

With a clear blue sky and sunny weather in DC, the lunch at Café Milano offered good food, opportunities for collaboration and new friends in the heart of Georgetown. It was a wonderful chance to connect with our alumni on both a human and professional level.

Later that day, as the sun went down, the SIREUS event at the House of Sweden gathered representatives from universities from both Sweden and the US with the important aim to inspire collaboration and knowledge exchange between our both countries.

KI Alumni reception NY
KI Alumni reception NY Foto: N/A

Upon arrival in New York, the Big Apple became the meeting-place for the first of several upcoming initiatives to inspire a sustainable and growing local alumni network in the US. A warm and pleasant evening on Park Avenue saw a diverse collection of engaged alumni visiting the residence of the Swedish General Consul, Camilla Mellander, and listened to talks from Deputy Consul Annette Nilsson Exner, alumna Sindhu Vangeti PhD, Johanna Gasslander Head of UVA from KI, and our joint organizer and newly appointed KI Alumni Ambassador in NY, alumnus Håkan Gadler.

It is fair to say that the KI Alumni Network is growing, and our ability to support and connect with this network, both in Sweden as well as internationally, will provide an invaluable resource for future collaborations, research, and education at KI.

KI Alumni Sloan Kettering and Rockefeller visit 2023
KI Alumni Sloan Kettering and Rockefeller visit 2023 Foto: N/A


Peter Bergman Communications Officer