Published: 01-12-2023 11:34 | Updated: 04-12-2023 15:21

KI Alumni increases activity in Japan

KI Alumni Japan Network
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The global and professional alumni network of KI engages former students, researchers and employees of KI, promoting knowledge, research, education and interaction. We hope to inspire alumni involvement, professional networking and international collaboration, all vital to a dedicated and sustainable alumni network. On November 9th, we hosted an alumni dinner in Tokyo for this very purpose, strategically in conjunction with the launch-event for the new UTokyo-KI Link collaboration.

Tokyo Alumni reception 2023
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This dinner was a continuation of what began with the Tokyo Stockholm Trio alumni event earlier during the year. Working to encourage and support a growing global alumni network, Japan is now one of several focus-regions for the KI Alumni Relations Office and the event played an important part towards establishing a sustainable alumni network. This initiative was of course enhanced by the earlier appointment of the new official KI Alumni Ambassador, Takeaki Dohda, Ph.D.

Collaborations between KI and various universities and institutions in Japan have been active for more than twenty years and provides both history and potential for building a strong and vibrant network of alumni in Japan. This event was a step towards that goal and the dinner was preceded by the kick-off event for the UTokyo-KI Link collaboration, an afternoon filled with presentations by representatives from the University of Tokyo and Karolinska Institutet. Several alumni were able to attend the event and then continue on to the alumni dinner held at the Tokyo Dome Hotel. The evening's program included a talk on alumni engagement and Japan by Peter Bergman from the KI Alumni Relations Office, a speech by KI Alumni Ambassador Takeaki Dohda PhD as well as a short presentation by alumna Laura Barbieri PhD. All of this accompanied by good food, a stunning panoramic view of Tokyo, and relevant and engaging conversations.

The KI Alumni Relations Office will continue engaging with alumni in Japan and other key regions, and we'll look forward to seeing this network grow as we build for the future.



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KI Alumni Network Japan

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