Published: 11-10-2023 20:38 | Updated: 11-10-2023 20:40

Universities key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Åsa Persson from SEI talked on the status of the Sustainable Development Goals.
Åsa Persson from SEI, Stockholm Environment Institute. Photo: Jens Lasthein.

With only six years left until 2030 when the Sustainable Development Goals are to be achieved, this year's Sustainability Forum was organised with a focus on the role of universities in sustainability work. The organisers were the University Alliance Stockholm Trio. 

Stockholm Trio is an alliance between the three universities KI, KTH and Stockholm University, and every year they jointly bring together academia, business and other societal actors to an annual Sustainability Forum to drive the transition to a more sustainable society. 

This year's Sustainability Forum was held on 4 October under the heading "Universities and the 2030 Agenda: taking stock and moving forward". Around 450 visitors attended and at least as many followed the event digitally during the day.