Published: 27-12-2023 20:09 | Updated: 08-01-2024 14:31

Tobias Alfvén guests Swedish Radio to discuss why parents in Scandinavia put their babies to sleep outside even in subzero tempratures

Photo: Maria Voskresenskaya

A common practice in the Nordic countries has sparked conversations on social media, namely to let babies nap outside in strollers all year around including in subzero tempratures. Pictures and videos on social media of babies sleeping outside have left some viwers wondering if it is safe and if there are any benefits. Tobias Alfvén was invited to Swedish Radio to answer some of the questions around the practice.

In the Nordic countries it is not uncommon to see babies sleep outside all year around, if anything it is the norm and also when the temprature hits below zero. Pediatrician and Professor of Global Child Health Tobias Alfvén was invited to the Swedish radio programme P4 Extra. As the Nordic practice of letting your baby nap outside has recieved international attention online Professor Alfvén answered questions about the benefits of letting babies sleep outside and what to pay attention to as a parent and also why some adults sleep better in cold rooms. 

Link to the programme (in Swedish) can be found here and the interview with Professor Alfvén starts after around 1h 41min.


Tobias Alfvén Professor/Specialist Physician