Published: 09-06-2023 14:13 | Updated: 09-06-2023 14:13

The Iovino Laboratory's research highlighted in the Encephalitis Society newsletter

Group picture of the members of the lab.
Members of the Iovino laboratory. Photo: Iovino Laboratory

The Encephalitis Society is a worldwide international charity with the mission of building better futures by driving research, accelerating awareness, and saving lives. In the latest issue of their newsletter which has been running since 2003, the society has chosen to highlight the research performed in Federico Iovino's group.

Portrait taken in 2022 at the Encephalitis Society meeting in London
Federico Iovino, Associate Professor and group leader at the Department of Neuroscience. Photo: Encephalitis Society

Last fall Associate Professor Federico Iovino was invited as a speaker at the Encephalitis meeting in London. In the article he talks about the research performed in his lab at the Department of Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet. Read the full article on pages 12-13.

"In my lab, we investigate molecular mechanisms of neuronal damage caused by brain bacterial infections. Our goal is to establish new therapeutic approaches that interfere with such mechanisms, in particular by blocking bacterial-neuron interaction, to protect neurons by injuries caused by the bacterial infection", says Federico Iovino.

Earlier this Spring, the CEO of the society, Dr Ava Easton, visited the Iovino Laboratory for two days and gave a lecture at Karolinska Institutet on the work that the society does on a daily basis on encephalitis. More about Dr. Ava Easton's visit at KI can be found on page 14 of the newsletter.


Federico Iovino Principal Researcher