Published: 10-12-2021 11:41 | Updated: 10-12-2021 11:42

Students receive an introduction to research at the KI Summer School in Medical Research

KI Summer School in Medical Research
KI Summer School in Medical Research Photo: John Sennett

During seven weeks in the summer, undergraduate students at Karolinska Institutet can enrol in Karolinska Institutet’s Summer School in Medical Research which is a research-preparatory school. Previous participant Victor Tollemar and supervisor Rachael Sugars both agree that it is an excellent opportunity to receive insight and get to experience a researcher’s world for a short period.

– It is a great program that allows students with an interest in research to dedicate time and develop skills not just in the laboratory but also written and communication skills that contribute to their development as a researcher, says Rachael Sugars.

Rachael has been a supervisor at Karolinska Institutet’s Summer School in Medical Research (KISS) multiple times and has seen the students quickly developing their professional research skills.

Woman with light, curly hair smiles towards the camera
Rachael Sugars, Associate Professor at the Department of Dental Medicine, and principal investigator of the Oral Biology and Medicine Group. Photo: Privat

What is it like and who is it for?

KISS starts with one week of research-introductory lectures for the whole group, followed by six weeks where the students work on a research project at their department of choice under the supervision of a scientist. KISS alumni Victor Tollemar is today a Ph.D. student at the Department of Dental Medicine and works clinically.

– I become engaged in the oral medicine subject during my time as an undergraduate. At the same time, we started applying for exam projects, we decided to apply for the KISS to initiate the research project over the summer. I had a great summer! It was a great experience to be able to work in a research group with a research-specific project for a comprehensive period, says Victor.

Both Rachael and Victor say that KISS is a great experience for KI students, both for students who might not be very familiar with research yet and for those who already know that they want to continue within research in the future.

– I was able to have a glimpse of what it meant to conduct research. To meet other students enrolled in other projects was also so much fun. I think it`s such a good opportunity to receive an introduction covering many important areas of research but then foremost be able to develop within your own research as to learn methods, data analysis, and research design, says Victor.

Rachael says that it is a great platform to spark the interest in students for their forthcoming examination projects and future research careers.

– KISS is a very rewarding process. Students who participate in the program are extremely dedicated and very interested in research. Also, the fact that the students approach you themselves demonstrates their interest in your field of research, says Rachael.

Why should one apply?

– If you are interested to be a part of future research in your field of interest, KISS is a good way of being introduced and included into the research facilities, says Victor.

– I really encourage all students who have an interest in research to take up this excellent opportunity. It will really give you an insight into the research world and perhaps a stepping-stone with your future education and career prospects. If there is a subject that interests you, look at KI’s web pages and find a supervisor working within the area and approach them, after all there is no harm in asking. The sky’s the limit, as they say, says Rachael.