Published: 23-01-2024 16:00 | Updated: 23-01-2024 16:00

Studenthä - new joint web portal for university students

Five students walking and talking. Two are walking their bikes. In the background there is a green parc and houses.
Studenthä - a new webportal Photo: Anna Nilsen

A joint web portal featuring information and activities from the student health services of all Swedish universities has recently been launched. Studenthä provides tips and advice for students to feel better and achieve a more sustainable student life.

Studenthä contains facts, tips and guides on topics such as what to do when you fall ill in Sweden, stress and other issues that may be relevant in a student’s life. There are also exercises and support for self-help to improve well-being. There is a joint calendar where universities also invite students from other universities to attend their lectures and workshops.

Studenthä is a government commission and a cooperation between the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR), Stockholm University and Linköping University. The website is intended to complement the universities' student health services. Through studenthä, student health co-workers also have access to a logged-in area where they can share good examples, course offerings, events and discuss student health with colleagues from other higher education institutions.

Visit studenthä to take part of all that is offered. For current KI students, you can also visit and contact KI Student Wellbeing Centre.