Published: 19-09-2023 18:04 | Updated: 19-09-2023 18:04

Stratneuro announces grants for New Technologies

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New technologies open new possibilities for groundbreaking research. StratNeuro aims to support the development and dissemination of new technologies and therefore announces a new funding call.

Call for applications


The grant is intended to support investigators to pursue innovative and high-risk projects focused on developing new technologies and methods to study the nervous system. Proposals can include a collaboration partner when it is necessary for the technology development. StratNeuro aims to fund a diverse and gender-balanced group of investigators.

The main assessment criteria will be:

  • Novelty of the technology/application 
  • Potential for scientific breakthrough
  • Plan for dissemination
  • Strategic value for StratNeuro and neuroscientists at KI

Funded projects are expected to openly disseminate the new technologies to advance research across many neuroscience laboratories in the StratNeuro network.

Eligibility to apply

Main applicant must: 

  • hold a PhD (or equivalent) and 
  • be employed at KI (min. 50% during the proposed period of funding)
  • be a group leader with an independent research profile (assistant professor level or more senior)

Grant amount and conditions

  • StratNeuro will fund up to four projects, each with 800 tSEK/year for two years (total 1.6 MSEK)
  • The funding cannot be used for the salary of the applicant. 
  • Applicants with ongoing StratNeuro funding are not eligible for this call.

Application and evaluation process

  • Deadline for applications: 17th of November 2023
  • The application should consist of:
    • CV with 10 selected publications (2 pages).
    • Description of the technology, potential impact in the field including a plan for technology dissemination and benefit for the neuroscience community at KI (3 pages).
    • Budget, specifying costs.
  • Evaluation:
    • Applications will be assessed by an external reviewer panel. 
    • Decisions will be communicated up to two months after the application deadline. 


Email submissions to


Vasco Sousa Research Specialist