Published: 2019-09-12 16:12 | Updated: 2019-10-30 11:08

Self-paced online course through Stanford University: Partnering with the Public and Patients in Medical Research

Stanford Medicine X has launched a new self-paced online course through Stanford online with faculty from Stanford University.

The course is offered as a self-paced online course featuring Sara Riggare, from the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics, in a few of the videos included in the course.

Stanford Medicine X has launched the four week no-cost online course called “Partnering with the Public and Patients in Medical Research”. It is intended for researchers, clinicians, patients as well as members of the general public, offering a chance to engage in a collective exploration of the changing landscape of health care and how everyone who has a stake in  medical research can become involved in the process. 

There are no prerequisites to attend the course.


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