Published: 13-06-2023 16:28 | Updated: 13-06-2023 16:28

Marcus Buggert awarded Anders Jahre's prize for young researchers

Portrait of Marcus Buggert
Marcus Buggert, Department of Medicine, Huddinge. Photo: Ulf Sirborn

Assistant professor Marcus Buggert at Karolinska Institutet is awarded Anders Jahre's prize for young researchers 2023 and 400.000 NOK.

Marcus Buggert at the Department of Medicine, Huddinge is awarded for his studies on how T cells can kill virus-infected cells during infections with HIV and SARS-CoV-2. His findings are important for our understanding of how the immune system works during COVID-19. Anders Jahre's Main Award 2023 is given to Professor Maiken Nedergaard from University of Copenhagen. 

– I am absolutely thrilled and deeply honored to receive the Anders Jahre Medical Prize for young medical investigators. It is truly a privilege to be recognized for the work I have dedicated myself to in understanding the cellular immune mechanisms that mediate immunity to viral infections.

Anders Jahre's Awards for Medical Research honor research of outstanding quality in basic and clinical medicine. The prizes are awarded by the University of Oslo and are among the largest within Nordic biomedical research. The award ceremony this year is 9 November 2023.