Published: 09-11-2020 13:55 | Updated: 11-11-2020 13:49

KI receives over SEK 440 million from Swedish Research Council for medical research

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The Swedish Research Council has awarded five-year grants totalling SEK 442,680,000 to 110 researchers at Karolinska Institutet. All in all, the SRC is awarding almost SEK 1 billion to 247 researchers in the fields of medicine and health.

Magda Bienko. Photo: Stefan Zimmerman

Securing almost 46 per cent of the available funding, KI has received more by the way of SRC grants in this current call than any other university. With a grant of SEK 9 million, Magda Bienko, researcher at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, is one of this year’s top recipients.

“I am delighted that the grant stretches over five years,” she says. “It comes at just the right time when my lab is transitioning from a start phase to a more mature stage, and means that I can focus on pursuing my long-term vision. The grant makes it possible for my team and me to be at the leading edge of our field. Our aim is to reveal vulnerabilities in the apparently disorganised genome architecture of cancer cells, and this contribution gives us the courage to strive towards this ambitious goal.”

Other researchers receiving SEK 9 million over a five-year period are:

Besides grants in the field of medicine and health, Karolinska Institutet is also to receive:

  • SEK 18,081,000 in grants in the natural and engineering sciences category.
  • SEK 5,336,354 in grants under the Swedish Research Links 2020 Network grant for international collaboration scheme.
  • SEK 2,600,000 in grants in the field of infection.
  • SEK 23,095,000 in grants in the fields of the humanities and social sciences.