Published: 02-06-2022 10:19 | Updated: 07-07-2022 15:06

Björn Meister awarded the Pedagogical Prize 2022

Björn Meister at the Department of Neuroscience is awarded the 2022 prize for his long-standing commitment to teaching at several of Karolinska Institutet's educational programmes.

Björn Meister, professor at the Department of Neuroscience Photo: Stefan Zimmerman

The prize committee's motivation:

For many years, Björn Meister has been a driving force, creative and innovative in the development of teaching, among other things by incorporating digitized pedagogy that facilitates the connection between basic scientific and clinical knowledge. Björn has also played a crucial role in the further development of other learning materials in histology and anatomy together with students.

With minor resources, embryos of ideas about educational development have become useful and widely implemented parts of the teaching on several programs. Björn is also responsible for various tutoring activities in histology and anatomy, where older students contribute to teaching students in previous semesters.

Björn has been responsible for undergraduate education at the Department of Neuroscience and has been an active participant in several committees and working groups at KI for many years. He is a particularly appreciated pedagogical teacher, colleague, and supervisor.

KI's Pedagogical Prize is awarded annually to individual teachers, teacher teams or administrative personnel who have undertaken significant educational initiatives related to pedagogical development or renewal work within Karolinska Institutet’s programmes at first cycle, second cycle or postgraduate levels.

Laureates are appointed by the Committee for Higher Education following a proposal from a special prize committee that also includes a representative from the Committee for Doctoral Education.