Published: 07-08-2018 10:59 | Updated: 15-05-2019 09:10

A university for diversity at the EuroPride parade

KI på EuroPride

Under the motto A university for diversity, KI and Medicinska Föreningen's HBTQ section Queerolinska participated for the fifth consecutive year in Stockholm's Pride parade.

From the KI management, KI's Vice President Karin Dahlman-Wright participated, who has the overall responsibility for equal rights and opportunities at KI, Dean Anders Gustafsson and one or our heads of departments Mats Olsson.
"The Pride parade is not just an opportunity to gather and stand for equal rights but is part of a continuous work throughout the year," says Karin Dahlman-Wright.

The theme of this year's Pride parade was "Two cities, one country - for a united Europe, open to the world" as it was the EuroPride and this inspired the universities in the Stockholm area to participate together as Academic Pride.

Photos: Erik Flyg