Published: 06-05-2022 11:42 | Updated: 06-05-2022 22:21

Two new docents at BioNut

Photo: Jason Leung on Unsplash

Congratulations to Christine Delisle Nyström, who has been appointed Assistant Professor and docent in Nutrition, and to Rongrong Fan, who has been appointed docent in Cell- and Molecular Biology!

close-up photo of a woman
Christine Delisle Nyström. Photo: Private

- This appointment is very important to me as it will support me in being able to continue my research at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition, says Christine Delisle Nyström. As well as to continue to grow and develop as a teacher in the Global Master’s Programme in Nutrition Science at KI.

Christine focuses on two research areas in nutrition: (i) the prevention of childhood overweight and obesity from a young age focusing on interventions (digital and face-to-face) and (ii) surveillance of lifestyle behaviours (e.g., physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and diet) in early childhood.

portrait photo
Rongrong Fan. Photo: Private

- Being a docent is a great honor and acknowledgement of my past work from the research community, says Rongrong Fan. It also means more responsibilities in a broader perspective, he continues, to push the boundaries of knowledge, to train the next generation scientists and to deliver science to the public. 

Rongrong's research is mainly focused on chromatin biology and its involvement in human metabolic disorders.