Published: 23-06-2020 11:22 | Updated: 23-06-2020 11:22

Three projects receive StratNeuro Startup Grant

StratNeuro has awarded SEK 1,000,000 in start-up grant to each of the following KI recipients of a 2019 VR ‘starting grant’.

  • Janos Fuzik: “Hypothalamic pathways in female anxiety”
  • Konstantina Kilteni: “To tickle or to be tickled? The neurobiological basis of self-generated tactile predictions”
  • Tobias Granberg: ”Improved disease prediction and treatment evaluation in Multiple Sclerosis with quantitative and tissue-specific MRI biomarkers”

The StratNeuro Start-up Grant is intended to support outstanding Neuroscience researchers at the beginning of their careers, who have received a VR starting grant or a Karolinska Institutet assistant professor grant.


Vasco Sousa Research Specialist