Published: 18-11-2021 09:30 | Updated: 01-12-2021 15:04

They are listed as highly cited researchers 2021

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Fourteen researchers connected to Karolinska Institutet are on the 2021 list of highly cited researchers presented by Clarivate, the company behind Web of Science. In all, the list includes some 6,600 researchers from across the globe.

The analysis of the list is, in short, based on the 1 percent most cited articles world-wide from the years 2010 – 2020, compared with articles from the same research field and time-period. Scientists are recognised in specific fields or for their cross-field impact. Clarivate has, however, changed their selection criteria compared to last year, which probably has affected KI's presence in list.

According to a press release from Clarivate, researchers from the US are still dominating the highly cited list, with Harvard University at the absolute top. China, including Hongkong, is also doing well on the list. Among Swedish universities, Karolinska Institutet takes the lead, with the University of Gothenburg in second place.

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Highly cited researchers at KI in the Clarivate list, sorted by last name (not by citation level):

  • Ulf Andersson                   
  • Samir EL Andaloussi
  • Jonas Frisén
  • Christian G Giske
  • Jens Hjerling-Leffler
  • Christina Hultman
  • Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg
  • Paul Lichtenstein
  • Sten Linnarsson
  • Robert Oostenveld (2nd affiliation)
  • Nicola Orsini
  • Rickard Sandberg
  • Patrick F Sullivan**
  • Danuta Wasserman

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Top 10 organisations on the highly cited list

Harvard University, United States (214)

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Mainland (194)

Stanford University, United States (122)

National Institutes of Health (NIH), United States (93)

Max Planck Society, Germany (70)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States (64)

University of California Berkeley, United States (62)

Tsinghua University, China Mainland (58)

University of California San Diego, United States (56)

University of Oxford, United Kingdom (51)

** Listed by Clarivate in the highly cited list with another university as main affiliation, but also holds a position at KI.