Published: 18-11-2019 11:07 | Updated: 21-11-2019 10:39

Thesis on statistical models of breast cancer tumour growth and spread

On Tuesday December 10, Gabriel Isheden will defend his thesis Statistical models of breast cancer tumour growth and spread".

Portrait of Gabriel Isheden

Gabriel's opponent will be Professor Peter Sasieni from the Clinical Trials Unit at King’s College London. Gabriel's supervisors are Keith Humphreys and Kamila Czene. 

In his thesis, Gabriel develops statistical methods for studying tumour growth and metastatic lymph node spread in breast cancer. The methods can be used for analysing breast cancer disease progression before diagnosis. They may be used to answer questions such as: For how long does a tumour grow inside of the body before it is detected? How much will the tumour metastasise in the lymph nodes before detection? Or, which women have a high risk of missing breast cancer at mammography screening? These questions are important for studying the effects of mammography screening at an individual level.

Time: 13:00

Location: Lecture hall Petrén, Nobels väg 12B, Campus Solna

Find the thesis here: Statistical models of breast cancer tumour growth and spread