Published: 16-09-2019 10:36 | Updated: 18-09-2019 10:14

Thesis on risk prediction in prostate cancer diagnostics

Title: Risk prediction in prostate cancer diagnostics : current challenges and improvements

Portrait of Thorgerdur Palsdottir

On Friday September 27, Thorgerdur Pálsdóttir will defend her thesis "Risk prediction in prostate cancer diagnostics : current challenges and improvements". Her opponent will be Professor Donna Ankerst from the Department of Mathematics at the Technical University of Munich. Thorgerdur's supervisors are Martin Eklund, Tobias Nordström, Mark Clements, Markus Aly from MEB and Laufey Tryggvadóttir from the University of Iceland.

Prostate cancer has been considered a disease of elderly men, and thus historically less focus has been on prostate cancer research than many other cancer types. However, as life expectancy is increasing all over the world, more life years are lost when men are diagnosed with prostate cancer  at the age of 70 years now than before.Therefore, it is increasingly important to improve the diagnostic pathway of prostate cancer in modern health care.

The aim of the thesis is to describe a part of the risk associated with diagnosis of prostate cancer as well as developing new prostate cancer risk prediction models. The thesis contributes to the constant pursue of improving the current prostate cancer diagnostic pipeline in order to improve the lives of men screened for or diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Time: 09:00

Location: Lecture hall Petrén, Nobels väg 12B, Campus Solna