Published: 04-09-2019 07:41 | Updated: 04-09-2019 13:43

The world is coming to KI

Expectation was in the air when the international students were welcomed to KI last week. The program included an intensive course in Swedish, workshops in cultural competence and of course "fika".

Internationella studenter undervisas utomhus i solen

Nearly 360 newly admitted students from over 40 countries were seen sitting in the sun on campus last week. During the orientation week for international students, exchange students and global masters’ students are mixed. Some students come for only a few weeks exchange studies and others have two years of master's studies ahead, but the feeling of excitement is the same. Regardless of how long they will study at KI, the international students also share worries about practical things like the social security numbers, bank account and KI cards and challenges facing a new culture and language are shared, regardless of how long they will study at KI.

The local master’s students who are admitted to the global study programmes are also participating so they can meet their new classmates. International coordinators Talia Adamsson, Giulia Grillo Mikrut and Karen Gustafsson coordinated the activities and were responsible for the program, which content is put together to provide answers to all possible questions.

” I always look forward to Introduction days, to meet up and welcome Swedish and International students from all over world, see them mingle, create new friendships, some of which will last a lifetime, make sure they get the information they need so that they feel at home on KI’s campus, and can dive right into their studies once the term starts.”

Karen Gustafsson, international coordinator at the Education Support Office.

Tre kinesiska masterstudenter på välkomstveckan 2019

Three Chinese students

Lu, Duan and Sun three Chinese master’s students from three different parts of China, “like three different countries “connected on an app before arriving at KI. They are admitted to master’s programmes in biomedicine, public health and toxicology. After a week in Stockholm, they have had many positive experiences. The Swedish language is difficult, especially how to pronounce and that the signs are only in Swedish is a challenge in both the subway and at the grocery store. But people are friendly and helpful.

A global university

For KI as an international university, the international students are a natural element and their arrival every autumn is a fantastic proof that the world is at KI. KI-labelled backpacks are given to all students. Now studies are waiting and when the studies are over, they as alumni spread all over the world. As alumni they bring with them more than a backpack when they leave. We hope they bring with them knowledge, experience and relationships that strengthen both them and KI in the work for all human health globally.

” It is very rewarding to have this cultural diversity of students, that enrich the experiences for all our students, teachers, administrators and researchers at KI. Welcome to KI! ”

Jonas Sundbäck, Acting Chair Internationalisation of Higher Education