Published: 17-10-2017 16:25 | Updated: 16-05-2019 07:54

The Swedish Twin Registry – an infrastructure of national importance – now supported by the Swedish Research Council

In the autumn of 2017, the STR received 5-year supporting funding of 4.5 million kr per year from the Swedish Research Council for research infrastructures of national importance.

The money will be used for keeping up the register, continue the ascertainment of 9-year old twins, collect DNA and perform genome wide genotyping. The money will also be used to improve the access to the data and promote the use from more research groups in Sweden. A national council with members from the co-applying universities (Lund, Göteborg, Jönköping, Linköping, Handels, Örebro and Umeå) will be formed to spread knowledge about STR and facilitate communication about future direction of activities of the STR.