Published: 03-04-2023 16:41 | Updated: 03-04-2023 16:55

The Student Health Centre is now Student Wellbeing Centre

Same support, different name. The Student Health Centre at Karolinska Institutet has been renamed Student Wellbeing Centre to better reflect the services they provide.

Julia Nemirovski is operations director for the Student Wellbeing Centre at KI.  

“Student Wellbeing Centre aims to promote students’ health and wellbeing by providing students with advice and support during their studies. Due to our previous name, The Student Health Centre, we have sometimes been mistaken for a healthcare clinic by our international students. Our new name, Student Wellbeing Centre, reflects our services more accurately” says Julia Nemirovski.

Support offered by Student Wellbeing Centre

Although they are changing name, the support and services provided by the centre stay the same. As a student, you can contact Student Wellbeing Centre for individual support if you have concerns related to, for example, stress, performance anxiety, problems with procrastination or concentration or experience difficulties in your study environment. They also arrange lunch webinars on a variety of topics and offer different groups to help you improve your wellbeing such as Dance for Health and Study Life Balance. On their webpage you will also find a range of web-based resources related to health and wellbeing. All their services are offered free of charge.

The Student Wellbeing Centre does offer some medical services to students going on clinical rotations as part of their education. This entails MRSA-screening and vaccinations. It is also the Student Wellbeing Centre who administer work-related and needlestick injuries for students. 

Finding Healthcare in Stockholm 

“If students reach out to us for health services that we do not provide we always try to help them find the right contact for their concern. Finding healthcare in Sweden can be tricky if you are new here but a good place to start is the 1177 service (which can be reached by phone 24/7). We link to their healthcare guide in Stockholm from our website to facilitate for our international students”, Julia Nemirovski says.