Published: 27-01-2021 14:42 | Updated: 27-01-2021 15:31

The perfect Christmas gift

Helena Salminen, docent at the Division of Family Medicine and Primary Care, has received a private donation of 2.75 million SEK for a research project. The donation was finalized just before Christmas, 2020.

Helena Salminen, physician and head of the Division of Family Medicine and Primary Care, NVS. Foto: Daphne Macris.

– I had been contacted the week before, to learn that there was a donor wanting information about projects on osteoporosis at KI, and I supplied information about my two projects, Helena says and continues:

– Then I found out right before Christmas that our project had been chosen for the donation.

Helena has never before been the recipient of a private donation. In this case, the donor is the private Krook family.

– I was of course very excited, it was almost surreal, Helena says. The project was not yet fully financed, and we had several applications for funding pending, to be able to complete all parts of the study.

Helena is looking forward to start working on her project.

– We initiate a new study this year within osteoporosis, comparing two methods of exercise and studying the effects of bone health. There is also a qualitative interview part of the project, Helena concludes.

Text: Annika Clemes