Published: 31-01-2024 13:29 | Updated: 31-01-2024 16:19

Successful method support day for researchers at KI and Region Stockholm

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Photo: Maja Rudolphson.

On January 25, a method support day was organized by Clinicum to introduce researchers to the coordinated method support offered to researchers at KI and Region Stockholm. The meeting was held in the Sune Bergström Hall at Karolinska University Hospital.

The purpose of the meeting was to introduce Clinicum, present the model, and to show how researchers can get help with biostatistics, bioinformatics, and health data issues in their research. Erik Melén, chairman of Clinicum's steering committee, started the day by giving an introduction and background to Clinicum. 

"There has been a need for organized methodological support for researchers at KI and Region Stockholm. In September the support was launched, which has been highly appreciated, and was also reflected in the interest in the methodological support day. So far, 80 requests for support in biostatistics, bioinformatics, statistical programming, epidemiology, data management, machine learning, AI, and more have been received from 15 departments at KI" said Erik Melén.

Sandra Eloranta, prinicpal researcher, and project leader for Clinicum, then further described the model for support which has been inspired by similar models from, for example, the Mayo Clinic, Harvard and other world-leading universities, and that is now available to researchers at KI and via seven local nodes at healthcare providers in Region Stockholm. 

Annica Dominicus, biostatistician, presented Clinicum's method advisory network and explained what kind of support can be given, and how s the models allows for involving method experts who have also experience from medical areas relevant for the question.  

The members of the advisory network within Clinicum have a broad range of competences and are specialized in biostatistics, bioinformatics, AI and machine learning. The model also allows for multidisciplinary support to projects when needed. 

In addition to methodology support, Clinicum also provides network for researchers and experts for discussion of methodological challenges. Paul Dickman, Professor of Biostatistics, Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at KI, and member of the Clinicum steering board finished the day by giving a statisticians view on scientific collaboration between medical researchers and biostatisticians based on his long experience from counseling sessions with clinical researchers. 

Five tips to researchers for successful  method support and consultations 

1. Contact Clinicum early. If an expert is involved from the outset of the research project, it increases the possibility of getting good support and finding the right expert for your needs.

2. Your project/idea is never too small or immature to request support! We have full respect for clinical researchers who conduct research while working clinically, Clinicum is there to support them!

3. You don't need to have a full research plan to request support

4. View the meeting and advisory sessions as collaboration rather than a service. Clinicum’s experts are also researchers at KI.

5. Invite the experts to the clinic or lab. Methodology experts are very interested also in the clinical implications and setting of the research. Invitations to visit the clinic or lab to better understand your work are always welcome!