Published: 24-02-2023 16:14 | Updated: 24-02-2023 16:24

StratNeuro Call 2023: Visiting Scholar Grant

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Flow of money. Photo: Pixabay: Olya Adamovich

StratNeuro announces grants for Visiting Scholars. The StratNeuro Visiting Scholars funding aims to attract outstanding scholars from non-Swedish universities for short-term visits (1-6 months long). This call aims to strengthen international collaborations and scientific exchange in the StratNeuro community. For the Visiting Scholar this is an opportunity to engage with neuroscientists at the Karolinska Institutet.


The grant is intended to cover costs that the guest incurs by their stay in Sweden (travel, dual residence, health insurance, etc.). 

The funding is granted for a period of a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 6 months starting during the calendar half-year that follows closest to the time of application. 

The time and activities are flexible and should be decided by the Visiting Scholar together with the inviting faculty at KI. Example of activities include research, mentorship, and teaching.


The Visiting Scholar must be employed at the junior-senior academic level (assistant, associate, or full professor grade or equivalent) at a non-Swedish university, and cannot have been employed in Sweden during 3 years before the application deadline.

The hosting KI faculty must have ensured that their department agrees to host the Visiting Scholar and that appropriate administrative procedures are followed. The StratNeuro faculty will act as hosts for the StratNeuro Visiting Scholar and are responsible for arranging the visit including providing appropriate administrative and departmental support.

Grant amount and conditions

  • StratNeuro will fund travel, housing and other costs associated with the visit (max. 50,000 SEK/month). 
  • The funding does not include salary costs.
  • Funding must be used in Sweden within the time and for the purpose stated in the application.
  • Payment can be made to the guest researcher’s bank account in their home country (depending on which country it applies to), 
  • Payment may also be paid to the host lab if the above is not possible.
  • StratNeuro will not reimburse allowances, "overhead" costs or other surcharges.
  • The KI host can only submit one application for a visiting scholar at each application time. 

Application and evaluation process

  • 1-2 KI faculty who aim to host the Visiting Scholar submit the application. 
  • Applications can be submitted twice per year. Deadlines for 2023 are:
    • 31 March 
    • 1 October
  • The application should consist of:
    • CV including 10 selected publications for the Visiting Scholar (2 pages).
    • Description of planned activities including how the visit will widely benefit researchers in StratNeuro, and dates for the visit (1 page).
    • Letter of support from hosting KI faculty member (1 page).
    • Budget specifying costs of the visit.
  • Evaluation:
    • Applications will be assessed by the StratNeuro Board. 
    • Decisions will be made approximately one month after the application deadline. 


Email submissions to


Vasco Sousa Research Specialist