Published: 21-09-2020 14:12 | Updated: 21-09-2020 17:24

Stockholm Trio and the University of Tokyo held their first virtual workshop

The first virtual workshop between the Stockholm Trio (KI, KTH and SU) and the University of Tokyo was conducted September 16th-18th, via Zoom. The overarching theme for the workshop was sustainable development. It brought together senior academics, young researchers, students, and other staff mainly from Sweden and Japan, but also from India, China, Mexico, Brazil, Ethiopia, France and Indonesia. Many ideas were brought forward for future, interdisciplinary collaboration between the four univer

Illustration of workshop between Stockholm Trio and the University of TokyoSeptember 2020
Illustration of workshop between Stockholm Trio and the University of TokyoSeptember 2020

The first day of the workshop focused on the changes and the new circumstance that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced all universities to adapt to. Attendants took part in discussions and listened to presentations about how the universities during the spring have adapted to the pandemic. The discussion gave inspiration for developing on-line learning. Some of the challenges brought up were, which parts of education can efficiently be conducted as e-learning, how to avoid that students get isolated and discouraged, how we can meet digitally for creative meetings with new contacts and how can we continue to internationalize education even without actual mobility of students and staff.

Participants agreed that there is a huge need to work together on pedagogic development to handle the current COVID-19 epidemic but also for universities to become more efficient and resilient in the long term. There are many challenges still ahead of us but by sharing and discussing ideas we can improve and create new solutions for online leaning and research and identify joint potential in developing our pedagogy.

The second and third days were divided into three research themes: “The Brain and Society” with focus on the aging population, “Biomaterials” mainly from cellulose, and “Education for Sustainable Development.”

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Lotta Lundqvist International Coordinator